Does Spark have Bluetooth? Both Ok Google and Alexa work just the same as the stand along devices?

The spark has Bluetooth function, Ok Google and Alexa work with the Spark devices alone.

Please include Auto Brightness, 4GB RAM, and define which Octa Core processor (not old one please), and Software update (2 years?? Android 8/9??)

You can adjust the brightness by touching the screen. The Octa Core processor is 8-core. About software update, don’t worried about it, we will update the information instantly.

Does the Spark have a headphone jack? Will really be useful. Thanks.

The spark don’t have a headphone jack. But spark have USB port, MicroSD and HDMI port.

Does this have a light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness?
Sorry, we do not have light sensor.

I really like the tablet/speaker combo I got from a crowdfunding campaign a few years ago, but I keep it by my bed and can I dim the screen as really dark screen?
Yes, you can turn off the screen then it is dark.

Also, Bluetooth is a big problem with my current speaker. How does the Spark handle Bluetooth?

The spark has Bluetooth and you can share the music via Bluetooth by your Mobile phone and Tablet.

What is all the talk about the ram? Echo Show also “only” has 2GB of ram.
This should be OK to run the tasks this thing should do, right? I doubt that you will use it like a tablet or phone.

Spark run the tasks via 2GB of ram is ok. Our CPU is octa-core which is enough for the system performance. Do not worry about this.

Will the Clazio support Swedish?
Clazio support Swedish.

What model and make of octa-core processor do you use?

Could you also please upgrade the RAM to 4GB?
we need to estimate the whole system performance.

How much storage is built in?
16 GB.

Will it support microSD for extra storage?
Upto 32 GB

What is the PPI of the display? Is the launcher still locked down to only showing the icons you choose or can they be changed and use ones we decide?

For Spark, the PPI is 327 ppi for our 7inch display. Launcher does not lock down. You can change the app which installed in your Spark.

Can the device be set to the German language?

The spark can be support German language.

Hi, could you please share the name / type of the processor? Having 3 GB or 4 GB as a streach goal would be great. Is it possible?

Thanks for your suggestion. We will take this into our consideration.

Will Alexa – instead of your earlier Spark – work without pushing the screen (without reverb) .
I will control Spark only with my voice.

We already develop our own Alexa app. You can activate without touching the screen by your voice.Refer to our user manual.

Can I turn off the Monitor and use the Spark as a alarm clock. At night the Monitor could disturb. I hope you understand the “Problem”

You can turn off the monitor. Using as a alarm clock, better to use the flight mode to reduce the disturb by notification.

What’s the ram on Spark. Can’t find any mentions.

Hi, ram of our Spark is 2Gb.

Does Spark have HDMI output?

the HDMI output is for connecting with TV. When you watch video, you can watch on the TV by 4k output then just enjoy good quality video. Thanks.

Can I turn off the monitor? Can I activate Alexa AND Google only with my voice?

You can turn off the monitor. No problem, you can activate our voice assistant.

When is the update to the product?

You can check the system and will get notification from the system once there is any update.

When will Spark be launched?

Hi. It will be launched in Feb, 2018.

Hardware HEVC video support?? AC3/DTS support??

The Spark support HEVC video. AC3/DTS are sound effects, which can be added at the APK end by yourself, and our amplifier is not integrated with this sound processing.

Can you give me orientation to set “Hey Google”?
Also how can we receive and download your updates in the future?

About the setting for OK Google, please follow this link below.
About the updates, the system will prompt, do not even worry about it and just don’t miss it

My screen went black and won’t turn back on. (And yes, I am connected to a power source, not running on battery power.)

Hi. Please unplug the adapter, press the power button 10s, and then boot the spark again.

Why is there no earphone Jack?

we also think the headphone jack is necessary and will try to add it in next design. This time we cancelled the headphone jack design because of some technology reason.SPARK has the ability of interruption. That means it can hear your command voice when it is playing music in the middle volume. The Front-end Voice-DSP need to compare the signal from mic(including command voice) with the original signal(no command voice) , so that we moved the headphone output signal to DSP. That’s why there is no headphone jack in SPARK this time.

Can it support Bluetooth earphone?

Because Spark support Audio Bluetooth which can be only used as Bluetooth speaker, it can notsupport to connect with Bluetooth Earphone (Data transfer).

Can Spark’s Alexa play music by voice control?

Until now we still trying to get approval from Amazon Alexa. When we approve from Amazon Alexa then will update to you all then you can use play music via Spark by voice control.

When you sign-in Spark Alexa process, it doesn’t work or stunk in log-in page.

Please go to Settings → Apps →Clazio→ Storage → Clear Data → Go Back → Force Stop

For Australia customer, if you can not download the Netflix from Playstore and please follow step by step as below.

Please copy this link to Spark Chrome browser then open the page and download the app. And install in the Spark.